Fish Recipes

Collection of Fish and Shell-Fish Recipes



Recipes of Salmon, Codfish, Haddock, Halibut, Turbot, Shad, Blue-fish, Black-fish, White-fish, Sea-Bass, Rock-Bass, Sword Fish, Mullet, Mackerel, Eels, Lobsters, Oysters, Crabs, Shrimp, Clams, Scallops and more...


Fish Recipes

Boiled Fish

Boiled Salmon -1

Boiled Salmon -2

Boiled Salmon -3

Boiled Salt Salmon.

Boiled Cod

Boiled Salt Cod

Boiled Cod With Lobster Sauce.

Boiled Haddock With Lobster Sauce.

Broiled Fish -1

Broiled Fish -2

Broiled Scrod With Potato Border

Broiled Fresh Mackerel.

Broiled Shad Roe.

Broiled Salmon.

Broiled Salt Salmon

Broiled Halibut.

Baked Fish.

Baked Haddock.

Baked Halibut.

Baked Salmon Trout.

Baked Salmon Whole

Baked Bluefish

Baked Fillets Of Whitefish.

Baked Finnan Haddie.

Baked Rock Fish.

Casserole Of Fish

Creamed Codfish.

Creamed Finnan Haddie.

Creamed Tuna Fish.

Creamed Salmon With Rice.

Creamed Fish In Potato Nest.

Cod Fish Balls.

Codfish Soup

Dressing For Salmon Mold

Dropped Fish Balls

Escaloped Fish.


Eel Soup.

Eel Fry.

Eels Sauce (italian)

Eels A La Tartare.

Fresh Fish Fry.

Fresh Salmon Fried.

Fresh Herring.

Fillet Of Flounder.

Fish Stuffing -1

Fish Stuffing -2

Fish Stuffing -3

Fish Salad -1

Fish Salad -2

Fish Salad -3

Fish Salad With Vinaigrette.

Fish Balls -1

Fish Balls -2

Fish Chowder -1

Fish Chowder -2

Fish Chowder -3

Fish Croquettes

Fish Au Gratin.

Fish Soup -1

Fish Soup -2

Fish Fry -1

Fish Fry -2

Fried Perch.

Fricassee Salmon.

Halibut Cutlets

Mackerel Salad.

Matelote Of Codfish.


Pickled Salmon.

Planked Fish.

Rock Fish Stew

Shad Broil

Salt Fish With Dropped Eggs.

Salt Codfish In Potatoe Puree.

Salt Fish Souffle.

Sautéed Fish.

Sautéed Smelts.

Sautéed Halibut Steak.

Sautéed Pickerel.

Sautéed Salt Mackerel

Stewed Fish -1

Stewed Fish -2

Stewed Fresh Herring.

Stewed Eels -1

Stewed Eels -2

Steamed Fish.

Sardine Salad

Smoked Salmon

Salmon Mold.

Salmon Cutlets

Salmon Pudding

Salmon Patties.

Salmon Timbale Or Loaf

Salmon Salad -1

Salmon Salad -2

Salmon Dressing

Salmon Collar

Salmon Pickle

Salmon En Maigre.

Salmon Croquettes -1

Salmon Croquettes -2

Salmon And Caper Sauce.

Salmon Patties.

Salmon Baked In Slices.

Salmon Steaks

Salmone Alla Perigo (italian)

Salmone Alla Giardiniera (italian)

Smelts A La Tartare.

Smelts As A Garnish.

Tuna Salad -1

Tuna Salad -2

Trouts En Maigre.

Turbot A La Creme.


Shellfish Recipes

Nature, varieties, and use of shell fish
Oysters, clams, and scallops
Oysters And Their Preparation

Opening Oysters.


Oyster Stew -1

Oyster Stew -2

Creamed Oysters

Scalloped Oysters -1

Scalloped Oysters -2

Fried Oysters

Oyster Salad

Oyster Pie -1

Oyster Pie -2

Baltimore Oyster Pie.

Plain Oyster Pie.

Oyster Fritters -1

Oyster Fritters -2

Oyster Soup -1

Oyster Soup -2

Roasted Oysters On Toast.

Oysters Panned In Their Own Liquor.

Oysters Panned In The Shell.

Oyster Saute.

Oyster Sauce.

Oysters Roasted In The Shell.

Fricasseed Oysters.

Creamed Oysters.

Croustade Of Oysters.

Escaloped Oysters -1

Escaloped Oysters -2

Oysters Served In Escalop Shells.

Oyster Chartreuse.

Oyster Pickle -1

Oyster Pickle -2


Clams And Their Preparation


Steamed Clams

Baked Clams

Fried Clams -1

Fried Clams -2

Clams Stew

Clam Soup -1

Clam Soup -2



Scallops And Their Preparation


Fried Scallops

Baked Scallops


Lobsters, Crabs and Shrimp
Lobsters And Their Preparation


Lobster Cocktail

Scalloped Lobster.

Lobster Soup

Lobster Soup With Milk.

Lobster Salad -1

Lobster Salad -2

Deviled Lobster.

Lobster A La Newburg.

Lobster Croquettes.

Lobster Broiled In The Shell.

Broiled Lobster.

Breaded Lobster.

Stewed Lobster.

Curry Of Lobster.

Lobster Cutlets.


Crabs And Their Preparation


Crab Salad -1

Crab Salad -2

Crab-flake Cocktail.

Deviled Crabs -1

Deviled Crabs -2

Deviled Crabs -3

Fried Soft-shelled Crabs.

Soft-shell Crabs –1

Soft-shell Crabs -2

Creamed Crab Meat.

Bisque Of Crab


Shrimp, Prawn, Crawfish and Terrapins


Shrimp And Their Preparation

Creamed Shrimp -1

Creamed Shrimp -2

Shrimp Salad.

Prawn Salad

Shrimp A La Salle.

Crawfish Pie

Crawfish Stew

Terrapins Stew -1

Terrapins Stew -2



Recipes For Fish Sauces


Sauce For Boiled Salmon Or Turbot.

Sauce For Salmon Or Turbot.

Sauce For Salmon And Other Fish.

Lemon Cream Sauce

Spanish Sauce

Nut Sauce

Horseradish Sauce

Egg Sauce

Tomato Sauce

Mushroom Sauce

Drawn-butter Sauce

Cocktail Sauces For Shell-fish

Cocktail Sauce -1

Cocktail Sauce -2


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